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Showcase 7: 46 shots   04/09/06 through 04/14/06


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Second update; including some "first sightings of the year" with a pair of Ferrari 355 Spyders, and a Lamborghini Gallardo; a few classic Mustang Mach 1's, a Espirit V8... well, you get the idea. Anyway; I've been couped up enough today, and its wonderful weather outdoors. enjoy!


Showcase 6: 28 shots   04/02/06 through 04/09/06


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First update to several more to come this week. Seems this weekend's excitement has caught me a little behind the ball; somehow I had forgotten about a wonderful 996 C4 with an aerokit back on April 2; so that is posted now. Also, I believe I spotted a real nice 996 Turbo with a Ruf spoiler, and great black on black coloring; not the best of pictures considering the poor angle, and lighting. _________________________________________________

Showcase 5: 34 shots   04/03/06 through 04/05/06


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First nice evening in a while. Not a lot of cars came out until later in the evening; as there was still snow on the ground this morning. My first sighting of a SRT-10 Coupe in the wild! _________________________________________________

Showcase 4: 23 shots   03/19/06 through 03/31/06


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Colder weather returns, so days I was able to scout yielded few results. This week has been much nicer, by comparison; however I've been prepping a prototype at Enterprise Automotive the nicer days. Still, some nice sightings. Enjoy :) _________________________________________________

Showcase 3: 49 shots   03/12/06 through 03/19/06

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These images were shot in both Brighton, and Birmingham, MI; some cars were also at the Caffeine, Cars & Croissants event; but were also shot on the road. Some Very rare cars this week, including a "One of one" Lingenfelter, not even two weeks after being purchased!  _________________________________________________

Showcase 2: 57 shots   02/26/06 through 03/11/06

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These images were shot both in and around Brighton,  and Birmingham, MI; and this time are more recent. The focus of several of these shots was to improve my panning abilities with the 18-55 lens. some are better then others. Exposures could be improved. Enjoy!


Showcase 1: 32 shots   06/21/04 through 07/21/04

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These images were among the first I have ever shot, with my first camera. you will 100to pardon the quality, and limited selection of cars.  the following updates will be of similar nature until I run out of the Sony DSC F717 images. Thanks for viewing, and enjoy!






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